GetApk Market App Download For Android V2.0.7

Looking for the GetApk Market Apk for free for android?

It is a damn cool app store and glad you came to know about this. 🔥

So the wait is over and you don’t have to search for the apk anymore! Because it is already available on our site for you to download. But before you download GetApk Market Apk, I would like to introduce you to its features.

Why download GetApk?

GetApk is sole and the highest downloaded android app store apk which provides its users to download applications for totally free. And the same applications are sold in Google Play Store with price tags you can not imagine. So it is better not to waste your money in Google Playstore for premium apps, whereas you can get them from GetApk Market app for totally free.

Well, as you know it is so much cool to use because of its features. I personally loves it as it really lets its users to download paid apps for free by itself without paying a single penny.

Yes, according to me, this app is the best alternative to Google Play Store.


What we need you to imagine is just having a thousand numbers of paid apps in your Android phone, without even purchasing them. You can do this only by the app described here.

What Is GetApk Market Apk Actually?


The mentioned platform is actually an open source Android app store platform which lets its users to download paid apps from Google Play Store for totally free. I don’t really have to repeat it though, but could not resist it.

It provides a wide range of paid apps which are being sold in Google Play Store. Although there are other app store who do the same, but it is the most trusted and reliable source for downloading paid apps for free. 😊

Unfortunately GetApk Market App is not available on any recognized app store to download and use. That’s why we are providing our users to download GetApk Market Apk for free.

Why Use It?

Some guys don’t know that Google PlayStore is not the all-in-one solution for those who seek some kickass entertaining apps to keep themselves busy. All alone it can’t provide you premium applications for free.

Here comes the GetApk market app for android which can literally save you day by doing the magic.

In fact Google Play really has some good entertainment apps, but they are not really free. This app does have all these premium apps for android already omitted in itself and for free.

Here are the range of different kind of apps which are available on the platform for free.

  • More than 50,000+ Entertainment Apps ( Includes Video Streamers, Music Players, and Television apps ) 😋
  • Tons of Kickass Games After seeing which You can’t keep yourself calm. ( Includes Minecraft Pocket Edition, Clash Of Clans, Clash Royale, PUBG Mobile and many more ) 😎
  • Paid File Explorer Apps for free to hide your secret stuffs. ( Ex – ES File Explorer Pro, FX File Explorer, Amaze etc ) 😜
  • Regional based app like Pokemon Go ( Includes application which are not available for your country ) 🙈
  • Applications which are banned from Google Play Store. ( Ex – TubeMate, TV Portal, Viper4android, F-droid etc ) 🙃

Does any app store provides you these features like this?

I am sure no one can provide such features as mentioned above. After all, GetApk app is an much unique and high feature loaded app store for android.

Want to know more? Then don’t just wait. Scroll down to see some more amazing facts about the app.

GetApk Market Apk Details

Application name – GetApk

Total File Size – 1.12MB

Version – 1.6.97

Developer – Get

Notable Features

Eager to know the features of GetApk market app? Don’t worry. We coming down to this part.

The Application was developed by the developers from, those who have implemented a hell lot of features in it.

  • Free to download, install and use.
  • Extreme light weight apk file.
  • Absolutely malware free and does not lags.
  • You can choose over thousand of free and premium applications which are ready to download and use.
  • Whenever a user downloads and uses an app form the market, he is gonna receive future updates notifications for that app automatically.
  • 100% apps provided in the app store are free. That does include the premium apps too.
  • You can also even launch your own app in the GetApk Market app to be used by others.
  • Finally, it is very easy to use and has lots of different categories to choose a certain app for yourself.
  • Compatible with the android version of minimum 2.2. That means you can use it on any android phone having android 2.2 version or up.
  • You don’t have to sign up or provide any kind of email or password to access it.
  • It is completely virus free and safe to use. There is no threat for your data being stolen.

How To Use?

Here is the process to get your dream apps after you download.

  • You can try searching for an app through the Google Play Store itself.
  • Once you have found the app in paid section, simply open it to get to the application page. Check for the share button.
  • Once you click on Share, you will get a long list of apps. Click on GetApk on the list.
  • You will be redirected through the market to download the APK of the app.
  • Download that app and install it. It’s that easy!

Enough for now?

Let’s roll to the section of system requirements for the app.

System Requirements For GetApk Download Free


Make sure you follow these system requirements for using the app store on your phone.

System Requirement

  • Make sure that you have minimum android version of 2.2 and up.

That’s it. After all this is what all you need to use the app. And the about the storage, it is too much low for you.

P.S- Do you know? The size of the Apk is only 1.12 MB.

How to Download GetApk App?

In our website, you can download the apk for free totally. In case, it is more secure and easy to download than other sites.

How To Install GetApk Market App on your Smartphone?

To install, you have to allow app installation from unknown sources in your device first.

  • Go to Settings > Lock Screen & Security > Tap on Allow installation from unknown sources. Bang you are done.
  • After that, go to the memory location where you have kept the Apk file.
  • Tap on it, now click on Install again.
  • The app will be installed in short time.


Every coin has two sides, and the application is not spared of this.

  • Poor interface:The interface of the market is not too cool. You won’t get a responsive interface in the app.
  • Lack of features: There are some features that are present in other app stores, but the app itself lacks them. If you download the apk, you will face absence of a few features.
  • Less visual appeal: The graphical representation needs to be revamped as it reduces the visual appeal of the app.

Is It Safe?

Yes, it is completely safe to use.

I have personally tested the application and using it since a long time before writing this down. And I will say the application is totally safe to download and use.

Some of you might doubt that it is not even on Google Play Store, how can it be safe? To confirm, download the apk and just go to for virus scanning.

After scanning the apk file via Virustotal, you will be sure of what kind of gem you are going to use.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q – Is this app completely safe to download and use?

Ans – Yes, it is completely safe to download and use. You can use virustotal to scan the apk file and check.

– I want to download a premium app from Google Play Store, but that is asking for me to pay a fees for that. What to do?

Ans – Don’t worry. You can try using our apk market which is the best alternative to Google Play store. You can avail the Apk Download and use it to get any kind of premium apps for free. This apk is available on our site for free.

Q – Does this app requires any special requirments?

Ans – No, the application does not requires any special access rather than read and write device content. That’s it.

Final Words

Anyways, I don’t see anything far better than Google Play Store except GetApk Market Apk which can allow you to download such premium apps for free. It is way too safe for anyone like a 5 yrs old kid. You just have to make the perfect utilization of the app.

So, if you found our page very useful then we are grateful of being some help. Feel free to share the apk and words between your family, colleagues, and others who will like this app. If you are facing any issues while using the app, then comment down below or contact us anytime for help. 🙂